message from kansai pipe about us company history
1941 Dec Nihon Kinzoku Co., Ltd. established.
1950 Dec Become a designated plant of Sumitomo Light Metal Industries' Copper Fabrication Works.
1954 Aug Name changed to Kansai Pipe Industries, Ltd.
1960 Feb Become a designated a plant of Sumitomo Electric Industries and began manufacturing copper band and copper commutator bars.
1961 Dec Capital investment by Sumitomo Light Metal Industries and Sumitomo Electric Industries.
1962 Apr Start manufacture of rigid-body trolleys.
1969 Sep Start manufacture of aluminum alloy bars.
1970 May Start manufacture of Almet wire.
1974 May Start manufacture of multipurpose aluminum wire.
1978 Mar Copper fabrication plant renovated.
1979 May Bright annealing furnace installed.
1981 Aug Authorized as a bonded factory.
1991 Nov Start manufacture of materials for communications applications.
2001 Apr Tokyo Office opened.
2002 Aug Clean room installed; start manufacture of semiconductor lead frames by aluminum vapor deposition.
2002 Sep Start manufacture of vaporization heat exchangers.
2003 Sep Certified under ISO 9001.
2004 Oct Materials building expanded at West Factory.
2006 Jan Participate in NEDO Project for development of next-generation solar cells.
2007 July Heat treatment furnace renovated at West Factory.
2008 Aug Certified under ISO 14001.