Environmental Policy

In the over half a century since Kansai Pipe was founded, we have always looked toward the future in our efforts to make dreams come true in everything from new technologies to familiar household products. As a new age dawns, we remain committed to realizing new dreams and offering complete customer satisfaction through quality.
  Kansai Pipe’s business activities encompass the manufacture of tubing and bar products, transportation system equipment, and various metalwork products. As our production facilities are located close to residential areas, we are very conscious of our social responsibility. All employees work together to protect the environment based on the following policies:

  1. Fully recognizing the environmental impact of our production activities, we have established an environmental management system in conformance with ISO 14001, and are constantly working to further improve that system.
  2. We will fully comply with all environment related laws and regulations, as well as with any other requirements to which we have committed.
  3. We will aggressively pursue the following environment related priorities.
    ・Reduction of metal waste and waste oil resulting from our production activities.
    ・Development and production of eco-friendly, high cost, performance products.
  4. We will establish environmental goals and targets, and regularly review our progress in achieving them.
  5. We will work to minimize environmental impact and prevent pollution.
  6. We will respond with sincerity to the environment related demands of all interested parties.

◎In addition to thoroughly instructing all employees regarding these policies, we will also make them accessible to the general public.