Professional Qualifications

List of Employee Professional Qualifications and Technical Training Courses Completed

Professional Qualifications
Aluminum Welding Grade TN-1V 1employee
Aluminum Welding Grade TN-1H 1employee
Aluminum Welding Grade TN-1F: 5employees
Aluminum Welding Grade TN-2F 1employee
Hazardous Materials Handling Category Ko Type 4 3employees
Hazardous Materials Handling Category Hei 5employees
Class 1 Large Vehicle Operator’s License 1employee
Class 2 Metal Press Operator’s License: 1employee
Class 2 Electrician’s License 1employee
Organic Solvent Work Supervisor 2 employees
Forklift Operator’s License 6 employees
Technical Training Courses
Slinging Work 26employees
Forklift Operation Special Training 13employees
Forklift Operation Training 2employees
Forklift Operation Training (in-house) 13employees
Gas Welding 7employees
Safety and Sanitation Special Training 4employees
Supervisor of Safety and Sanitation 1employee
New Employee Safety and Sanitation 2employees
Floor-level Operated Crane Operation Training: 1employee
Stacker Crane Operation 1employee
Arc Welding 4employees
Plumbing Work License 1employee
Waste Disposal Manager Certification 2employees
Quality Control and Other Training Courses
Quality Control Leader Training 17employees
ISO 9001 Internal Inspector Training 14employees
ISO 14001 Internal Inspector Training 7employees
Quality Control (basic) 25employees
Gas Welding 7employees
Safety and Sanitation Special Training 4employees
Quality Control Training (improvement meetings), in-house 9employees
Quality Control In-house Training 31employees
SEI Measurement Management Training 27employee
Production Operations Training 5employees
QC Circle Conferences 6employees
Risk Management 9employees