List of Measurement Analysis Equipment

Precision projector   Precision projector
Model VS-320
Manufacturer Shiko Seiki
Specified precision Measurement magnifications of ×10,×20,×100
Peripheral equipment QC2002-dimensional data processor
Universal thickness meter   Universal thickness meter
Model LZ-200C
Manufacturer Kett Electric Laboratory
Specified precision Measurement range of 0 to 30 mm
Peripheral equipment
Surface roughness and shape tester   Surface roughness and shape tester
Model Surf Com 204B
Manufacturer Tokyo Seimitsu
Specified precision Recording magnification of x100 to x100,000 vertically, x0.5 to x2,000 horizontally
Peripheral equipment
Vickers hardness tester   Vickers hardness tester
Model AVK
Manufacturer Akashi Seisakusho
Specified precision 1 to 50kg
Peripheral equipment
Rockwell superficial hardness tester   Rockwell superficial hardness tester
Model 3R-S
Manufacturer Nakai Precision Machinery Manufacturing
Specified precision 3 to 45kg
Peripheral equipment
Rockwell hardness tester   Rockwell hardness tester
Manufacturer Matsuzawa Seiki
Specified precision 10 to 150kg
Peripheral equipment
Ultrasonic flaw detector   Ultrasonic flaw detector
Model FD-650
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric
Specified precision Capacity :10 to 10,000mm sensitivity : 100dB or higher
Peripheral equipment
5 kN Tensile tester   5 kN Tensile tester
Model AGS-H
Manufacturer Shimadzu
Specified precision 100N to 5kN
Peripheral equipment
10 kN Tensile tester   10 kN Tensile tester
Model FSP-1000
Manufacturer Fujii Seiki
Specified precision 50N to 10kN
Peripheral equipment
100 kN Tensile tester   100 kN Tensile tester
Model Ansler type
Manufacturer Tansui Kikai
Specified precision 200N to 100kN
Peripheral equipment
Metallographic microscope   Metallographic microscope
Model HFX-DX
Manufacturer Nikon
Specified precision Magnification : ×50 to ×1000
Peripheral equipment ACT-2U digital camera control unit
Electron microscope   Electron microscope
Model S-3000H
Manufacturer Hitachi High Technologies
Specified precision Magnification : ×15 to ×300,000
Peripheral equipment S-3000N energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer
Microscope   Microscope
Model VHX-500
Manufacturer Keyence
Specified precision Magnification :  ×5 to ×3000
Peripheral equipment VHX-S15 3D automated measurement unit
Conductivity tester   Conductivity tester
Model Metal Condux 2010
Manufacturer Denshi Keisoku Kogyo
Specified precision Within 7% of indication
Peripheral equipment
Knoop hardness tester   Knoop hardness tester
Model M-102
Manufacturer Akashi
Specified precision 10g to 1.0kg
Peripheral equipment iDP3110 printer
Comparator (measurement microscope)   Comparator (measurement microscope)
Manufacturer Nikon
Specified precision Measurement range : 0 to 30mm
Peripheral equipment DP-1VR mini-processor
Fluorescent x-ray film thickness gauge   Fluorescent x-ray film thickness gauge
Model SFT-7000
Manufacturer Seiko Instruments
Specified precision Measurement range : 0 to 100µm
Peripheral equipment
Solar simulator   Solar simulator
Model YSS-150A
Manufacturer Yamashita Denso
Specified precision Spectral characteristic of AM 1.5, irradiation area of 150 x 150 mm
Peripheral equipment
Ultrasonic wire bonder   Ultrasonic wire bonder
Model SW-1-7K
Manufacturer Ultrasonic Engineering
Specified precision

Aluminum wire diameter :  20 to 75µm

Peripheral equipment UJ-246-1C pull tester
Thermographic camera   Thermographic camera

(Output unit: Uncooled 2-dimensional FPA)

Manufacturer Nippon Avionics
Specified precision Measurement range of -40°C to 500°C, temperature precision of ±2°C
detection wavelength of 8 to 14 μm
Peripheral equipment