Head Office & Main Factory
4-8-4 Kami Kita, Hirano-ku,
Osaka 547-0001, Japan

Tel: +81-(0) 6-6793-0700
Fax: +81-(0) 6-6793-0704

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Tokyo Office
Ode Bldg. 4th Floor, 1-16-2 Hamamastucho, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0013, Japan

Tel: +81-(0) 3-6402-1450
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Product Information

三角Tubing and bar products   Tubing and bar products
Nonferrous tubing and bar products
三角Special tubing and bar
  Special tubing and bar
Composite and irregularly shaped products and special alloys
三角Aluminum vapor deposition products   Aluminum vapor deposition products
World’s fastest vapor deposition leads
三角Communications and electric power hardware   Communications and electric power hardware
SK racks and other hardware
三角Power supply system
  Power supply system products
Industrial-use trolley wires and rigid conductor lines
三角Nitrogen gas generator systems   Nitrogen gas generator systems
PSA type nitrogen gas generator systems
三角Development themes   Development themes
A wide range from application technologies to new materials development

Product Lines

Tubing products
Materials Shapes
Phosphorous deoxidized copper, various copper alloys, various nickel-titanium alloys, non-oxide copper, aluminum brass, cupro-nickel, Kovar, various aluminum alloys, silve Round tubing, angle tubing, irregularly shaped tubing, elliptical tubing, extra-fine tubing, heterodiametric staged tubing, precision tubing, grooved tubing, duplex tubing (aluminum brass/stainless steel tubing, steel/copper tubing, nickel/copper tubing, etc.), interior high fin duplex tubing, Sumitron tubing, resin coated tubing (polyethylene coated, vinyl chloride coated), metallic resin duplex tubing
Bar products
Materials Shapes
Chromium copper, free-cutting aluminum alloys, high tensile strength aluminum alloys, corrosion resistant aluminum alloys, various nickel alloys, alumina dispersion strengthened copper

Round bar, irregularly shaped bar (square bar, hexagonal bar, elliptical bar, grooved bar, formed bar, etc.), porous copper bar, clad bar (titanium/copper, stainless steel/copper, aluminum/copper, etc.), perforated copper bar, ODS bar

Cable & wire products
Materials Shapes

High strength aluminum alloys
(2017, etc.),
corrosion resistant aluminum alloys (5052, 5056, etc.),
electroconductive aluminum alloys

Round cable & wire, irregularly shaped cable & wire, clad cable & wire, corrosion resistant electrical cable & wire
Section processed products
Materials Shapes
Copper, copper alloys, aluminum,
aluminum alloys and other nonferrous
metals, composite metal materials
Tubing, bar, formed products, clad materials