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Special tubing and bar products

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Applying tubing and bar production technology to manufacture special materials and shapes to meet specific customer needs

Alumina dispersion strengthened copper(ODS)

Resists softening even at high temperatures (up to 930°C), making it ideal for products requiring high heat resistance, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity.

ex   Relay contacts
    Spot welding electrodes
    Heat-resistant substrates

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Kovar pipe(Fe-Ne-Co alloy)

Low expansibility equivalent to tempered glass or ceramic makes it ideal as a functional compound material for electronic components and other applications.

ex   Optical semiconductor packages
    Electronic devices
    Semiconductor production systems

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Irregulaly shaped and composite ecpanded materials

Kansai Pipe offers bars with complex cross sections, ultra-thin-wall pipe, ultra-small-diameter tubing, and a variety of other tubing and bar products for all types of environments.

【Irregularly composites products】
ex   Float valve components
    electrical contacts
    heat exchangers
【Irregularly shaped products】
用途例   Composites
    Plating bath electrodes
    Washers for automobile bodies
    Wear-resistant electrical wire
    Clad products

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alumina dispersion strengthened copper

Kovar pipe

Irregulaly shaped and composite ecpanded materials