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Nitrogen gas generator systems

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Supplying low-cost nitrogen gas using high-performance MSC
(molecular sieving carbon) and advanced systems technology.

High-performance design

・97% to 99.99% pure nitrogen gas
supplied at low cost (inquire regarding purities higher than 99.99%).

Compact design (package type)

・Requires little installation space
・Can be used by simply connecting the power supply and piping
(no coolant required)

Easy & convenient operation

・Fully automated operation・Rapid start-up
・One-week programmed operation
 (P type and S type)
・Touch panel controls
 (P type and S type)
・Equipped with an air vibration valve

Extremely safe

・Not subject to high-pressure gas safety regulations
・Equipped with a drain sensor (S type)

For more information on the 3 types of nitrogen gas generator systems

Features of MSC
  • Uses synthetic high polymer as the raw material, ensuring exceptional uniformity
  • High oxygen absorption capacity and excellent oxygen/nitrogen separation performance
  • High strength and wear resistance for exceptional durability

Electron microscope photograph

Electron microscope photograph

Principles of PSA

MSC (molecular sieving carbon, see photo) has a high oxygen absorption capacity and a large difference in oxygen and nitrogen absorption speeds. Under pressure, it selectively absorbs oxygen in a very short time, enabling separation of nitrogen gas from atmospheric air. When returned to normal pressure, the absorbed oxygen is easily released, refreshing the MSC. In the PSA (pressure swing adsorption) method, two absorption towers are filled with MSC; absorption and desorption are alternately repeated in a cycle matched to the properties of the MSC, providing a continuous supply of high-purity nitrogen gas.

Principles of PSA

Flow chart

Flow chart