Analytical EquipmentsComplete Range of Measuring Instruments

We have developed a quality control system that aims to go one step above in pursuit of enhancing a range of measuring instruments,
and our skilled operators work to take a step ahead through the implementation of non-destructive inspections
by ultrasonic flaw detectors, among other techniques.

Surface roughness and shape tester

Surface roughness and shape tester

An instrument used for measuring and inspecting the roughness of the machined surface of metal materials. It is utilized in quality control procedures related to fine surface processing such as in machined products, precision processing, and cut products.

Name Surf Com 204B
Manufacturer Tokyo Seimitsu
Specified Precision Recording magnification of x100 to x100,000 vertically, x0.5 to x2,000 horizontally
Thermographic camera

Thermographic camera

A device used for high-precision temperature measurement tests that utilizes an infrared thermography camera. It can measure the temperature distribution of metal composite and clad materials to improve the performance of functional materials, as well as contribute to product weight reduction and miniaturization.

Name AdvancedThermoTVS-500
(Output unit: Uncooled 2-dimensional FPA)
Manufacturer Nippon Avionics
Specified Precision Measurement range of -40°C to 500°C, temperature precision of ±2°C
detection wavelength of 8 to 14 μm
Ultrasonic flaw detector

Ultrasonic flaw detector

An analog ultrasonic flaw detector that measures defects in metal materials and components. It is a highly reliable, non-destructive inspection device that is used for quality control and performance testing by measuring flaws inside metal products.

Name FD-650
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric
Specified Precision Capacity :10 to 10,000mm sensitivity : 100dB or higher
Conductivity tester

Conductivity tester

This device is used for quality control of copper products for heat exchangers, aluminum alloy products, composite materials, and various non-ferrous metal materials to determine their composition and test their physical properties.

Name Metal Condux 2010
Manufacturer Denshi Keisoku Kogyo
Specified Precision Within 7% of indication
Universal thickness meter

Universal thickness meter

Measures the coating thickness of magnetic, non-magnetic, ferrous, and non-ferrous metals. It is used for quality control of various coated products such as painting, plating, and coating.

Name LZ-200C
Manufacturer Kett Electric Laboratory
Specified Precision Measurement range of 0 to 30 mm

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