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PSA type Nitrogen gas generator systems BELLSWING®

This compact, space-saving nitrogen gas generator system makes it possible to easily supply low-cost nitrogen gas in any location. Requires only half the installation space of previous models.

High-performance design

  • 97% to 99.99% pure nitrogen gas supplied at low cost (inquire regarding purities higher than 99.99%).

Compact design (package type)

  • Requires little installation space
  • Can be used by simply connecting the power supply and piping
    (no coolant required)

Easy & convenient operation

  • Fully automated operation, Rapid start-up
  • One-week programmed operation (P type and S type)
  • Touch panel controls (P type and S type)
  • Equipped with an air vibration valve

Features of MSC

  • Uses synthetic high polymer as the raw material, ensuring exceptional uniformity
  • High oxygen absorption capacity and excellent oxygen/nitrogen separation performance
  • High strength and wear resistance for exceptional durability

*Spherical phenolic resin

Spherical phenolic resin

Existing product (x5000)

Spherical phenolic resin

New Product (x5000)

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