Solar Panel Mounting Structure

We design and assemble aluminum folded-plate roof fittings for solar panels and solar panel mountings, as well as solar panel mounts.
Special specifications against salt damage and snowfall, lightweight and easy-to-install aluminum alloy solar panel with strong corrosion resistance in salt damage areas.We propose metal components for mounts and related parts. We can respond to a variety of needs such as optimal design and strength calculation required by the installation site.

Solar panel mounting

We manufacture mounting frames and other metal products for industrial photovoltaic power generation. Especially, we design and manufacture high-quality mounting products such as solar power generation related parts made of stainless steel, plated steel plates, steel frames or aluminum to endure harsh natural environment. These products include solar panel aluminum mounts, ground-installed mounts, as well as supporting mounts for “farming-type solar power generation system” that generates power while growing agricultural products.

Solar panel mounting

Solar carport mount

We design and manufacture panel mounts of lightweight aluminum and steel materials such as galvanized steel sheets. Mounting products with high corrosion resistance that are ideal for salt damage districts, platforms and plates for solar carports are also in this category.



Aluminum fitting of solar panel for goby type folded plate roof

We manufacture high-strength, lightweight aluminum fitting to fix solar panels on goby type folded plate roof.With a safety design resistant to earthquakes, typhoons, and snow, it has excellent corrosion resistance and is ideal for salt-damaged areas.

太陽光パネルのハゼ金具 ソーラーパネルハゼ式折板屋根用


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