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Aluminum oxide dispersion strengthened copper (ODS)

Aluminum oxide dispersion strengthened copper (ODS) is a conductive material with excellent heat resistance that does not soften even at high temperatures of 930℃ and high conductivity of over IACS 80%. Since ODS has high strength and high conductivity characteristics that are contrary to other copper alloys, it has been used as electrode materials for resistance welding and spot welding of electric vehicles, relay contacts, various electronic parts such as heat-resistant substrates, and reinforcing materials.

Our strength lies in plastic work technology of aluminum oxide dispersion strengthened copper (ODS). Various sizes can be processed from large diameter to small diameter and irregular shape.


Retains its hardness even after brazing
Contact parts Hard, non-welding contacts even at high temperatures
High temperature heat sink screw seat
Spot welding electrode
Thin electrode that cannot be water cooled
Nickel based material/stainless steel/various plating materials

Processing range

Wire and bar φ0.15mm~φ50mm(±10~30μm)
Straight pipe
and bar
Long coil products: φ300rolls,φ800 rolls for approx. 20kg

Precision machining and quality control of conductive materials such as precision cutting

Aluminum oxide dispersion strengthened copper (ODS) is known as a material that is difficult to work plastically due to its high heat resistance and strength. However, it is possible to perform ultra-precision cutting according to your needs with our unique technology. In handling valuable materials, we have implemented strict quality control in each process to ensure high-quality manufacturing.

In addition to precision cutting of aluminum oxide dispersion strengthened copper (ODS) materials, please contact us for processing conductive/electrode materials, etc.



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